Education and Protection

Education is a critical driver of the development process in any nation.

In emergencies, quality education is crucial to provide children with physical, psychosocial, and cognitive protection that can be both life-sustaining and life-saving.

Lack of access to education directly impacts children’s safety and well-being. All children are exposed to threats during and after emergencies; however, girls and boys who are out of school are at much higher risk of violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. This includes sexual violence and exploitation; recruitment or use by armed forces or groups; hazardous child labor and becoming involved in criminal
activities. Additionally, child protection concerns can prevent children from accessing education or
diminish educational outcomes.

With the ongoing conflict in the north west and south west region of Cameroon that have cause many displaced and closure of school, which has also increase so much insecurity in many villages, and left many children out of school for morethen 4years, this has exposed many children in the region to threats.

CADEF’s education and protection team, is involved in community advocacy and sensitization programs on the need and importance of inclusive education, Promotion of education in emergencies through homeschooling, and Child-Friendly Spaces and donation of educational materials.

At CADEF, we believe no child should be left behind, and the Boys and girls living in emergencies have equitable access to quality education and grow up free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.