Responding to Crisis: CADEF’s Emergence Relief for Limbe Disaster.

In times of adversity, unity and swift action define us. Over the past weeks, the CADEF CAMEROON has been on the ground, Alongside other members of organizations of the southwest WASH Cluster, with support from UNICEF, addressing the effect of the devastating Flood and Land Slide caused by heavy rainfall in Limbe.

Our teams have ventured into the heart of the affected communities – Clacks Quarter, Livanda, Upper Mawoh, and Lower Mawoh. Through these visits, we conducted vital needs assessments for homes and families that have been affected by this catastrophe.

Beyond assessment, we understand the urgency to inform the communities about further health crises. The risk of a cholera outbreak is possible due to the flood’s aftermath. To counter this, our awareness campaigns have been in full swing. We’re committed to educating the communities on cholera prevention strategies because knowledge is a powerful tool in protecting lives.

This mission is far from over. With the resilience of the community as our guiding light, CADEF continues to work diligently, offering relief, spreading awareness, and advocating for the affected. Your support amplifies our impact. Together, we stand strong against adversity.