Build Schools

We build and renovate schools in communities identified by local leaders. We make it easier for girls to go to school without traveling great distances. Building hope for the children in the slum.Click the donation Button.

Empowering The Girl Child

We empower young girls to become resilient to the effect of socio-economic and climate change effects and the impact of disaster by helping them gain a sustainable livelihood. Donate to empower more young girls.

Clean Water For All

We promote access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene practices in schools, households, and communities at large. Construction and rehabilitation of water points in a community and schools.

Build Communities

We empower communities to protect children in their communities, we sensitize them about the role of the community in child protection and the fight against child malpractice in their community.

Sponsor A Child To School

Many parents can’t afford the fees, books, and uniforms for their children to attend school. Help send children to school in Slum communities in South West Region of Cameroon. Click the Donation button to donate!

Books To Help A Child Learn

Books inspire and nourish children’s creativity and development. By providing books for a classroom, for the Poor, and sparking the imagination of young minds. If you have a passion for literacy, click to donate!