Vacancy for Volunteering\Internship Opportunity With CADEF Cameroon

Alone We Can Do Very Little, Together We Can Do So Much.


Our volunteer/internship opportunity is open to anyone from any part of the world. It offers 4-40 week placements at our project site within one of our 14 Communities. It's an intense, immersive program for students, interns and young professionals looking to gain international development experience and training. The program commonly acts as a catalyst for building a career in development, strengthening applications for graduate programs, or cultivating relationships with international communities and organizations.


“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” “Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.”

CADEF is an organization for the people full of opportunities .The opportunities are available and so numerous that it could take a lifetime to grasp them all. You are invited to select those which cater to your particular needs and make the most of it. Basically, there are four Areas of Opportunity within the organization:

Your time with CADEF will be well spend, Serious Fun, you will experience exchanging of ideas, socializing, and networking, working alongside people of different socio-economic and socio-cultural backgrounds. The will be challenges that make life more meaningful, worthwhile, and personally rewarding. A lot depends on the willingness of the staffs to identify and pursue these opportunities. This is one organization that supports the philosophy of learning by doing.


  1. You should be at least 18 years old (with the consent of the parents we also accept 17 years)
  2. Duration: 4 to 40 Weeks
  3. Can Write and speak English Language
  4. Be in Good Health Condition
  5. Can fundraise or donate/support anyone of the selected project
  6. Responsible for their cost of accommodation and Feeding in Cameroon.
  7. We are looking for motivated, flexible, adaptable, open-minded, communicative and pro-active volunteers who wish to immerse themselves into the African culture and traditions. While volunteering at "CADEF", we ask that you try to keep an open mind to the new culture around you, as it is likely to be very different then your home country. We want all of our volunteers to feel welcome and at home while living with us and we are happy to answer questions and offer advice on any issues. “Cameroon is a wonderful Country to live in”, known for its friendly and hospitable people, and although each country has its difficulties, on the whole, Cameroon is a wonderful places to live. We hope your volunteer experience with "CADEF" will be a rewarding, enjoyable and full of memorable moments.


    Please note: We are a small organization committed to diversity and as such only accept a small number of volunteers each year. If you are interested in volunteering with us kindly select any one of the project below and email your COVER/ MOTIVATION LETTER AND CURRICULUM VITAE to or fill our Online Application form. All applications for volunteerism are reviewed through out January- April- September each year.

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    * SUPPORT 4 Kids

    The program runs every July to August, The program is aimed at promoting children's education in Cameroon through summer camp clases for children in rural communities and are supported with school materials such are Bagparks, Books, Pencils,thus preparing them for coming school year.


    The program runs September to December, under the umbrella of SAMARITAN'S PURSE an American Christain NGO, reaching out to children in primary and nursary schools in local communities,west cost south west Cameroon, between the age 2 to 14 years, with discipleship courses, building their morals and conduct with the good news of Christ. thus the children are been given shoe boxes and other material donated through SAMARITAN'S PURSE to enhance their Christmas holiday.

    * ICT 4 YOUTHS

    The program runs January to June, and July to September (summer camp), the program is aim at training young girls, teenage mothers,school drop out from local communities in south west region in the field of ICT equiping them with skills to be qualify in the job market thus fighting unemployment and poverty.


    Malaria, drug abuse and HIV/AIDs remains a large concern in Cameroon Sport Camp is a holiday program that brings together young people from cities throughout local communities in the wests coast south west region of Cameroon to compete in a football competition to win the acclaimed title and a trophy.We are using this greate sport activity to attract and bring together the local population to educate and sensitise them on how to fight and prevent HIV/AIDS, Maleria, and drug abuse in their communities.HIV/AIDS creaning test are being conducted during the tournament.



    This an adult litracy program where we train men and women how to read and write to be able to communicate their problems and worries thus improving their family and community.


    Mobile healthcare service, where medical volunteer team visit the disadvantaged in their home to tests their health status, we have the people of local communities get to test their status in HIV/AIDS, Maleria, Diabetes, High blood. discovered patients are been places under a medical planned which cover 75% of their medical bills.



    * HIV/AIDS

    • Stratagies on how to reduce stigmatization, poverty and transportation to expert HIV/AIDS healthcare barrier faced by rural patients living with HIV/AIDS in Southwest region Cameroon.
    • How to provide HIV testing in rural areas while navigating around HIV stigma.
    • How to help people with chronic conditions, living in rurla communities learn how to manage their health.

    * Teenage pregnancy

    • Reducing Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, in Local communities in Cameroon (expecially Mabeta Njanga)
    • How does High poverty rates and lack of access to healthcare make caring for unborn and newborn children difficult for young mothers in local Communities in South Wests region Cameroon.(Case study focused on Mabeta community)


    * Impact of Environmental Education Program in Cameroon.

    The research will focus on how environmental education influences solid waste management in local communities in Cameroon. The following research questions will be given answer to in the course of the study.
    • What are the environmental education programs that are inexistence and implemented in Cameroon
    • Are the people aware of these environmental education programs in schools and local communities?
    • Are they applying the knowledge and skills that they acquire from these environmental education programs?
    • The role of the Councils, Government and civil society organization in Solid waste Management.
    The outcome of the research will be used as baseline study in case there is need to source for Partners who can support local communities in Cameroon with more advanced strategies/means to mitigate solid waste disposal in our communities.

    * Climate Change

    • How can local farmers in rural communities adapt and contribute to mitigating climate challenge in Cameroon.
    • Effects of climate change on food security:food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food system stability in Cameroon.

    * Environmental Dimension of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

    This paper will prompt an investigation into the various environmental implication and impacts to attain the sustainable development goals(SDGs) and make this goals realistic.


    * Girls Education.

    • What role does girls education play in poverty alleviation?
    Women represent more than half of the world’s Population and most of the poorest people in the world are women and victimize in many communities in the developing countries. We need faster progress on equality for women ,if we are to achieve the sustainable development goals(SDGs) This paper will examine the various polices which can be implemented and already implemented in in Cameroon to invest in the girl child to fight poverty in many communities in Cameroon.


    Our Team can book you a comfortable accommodation with Guest Houses, Hotels sea view, in our coastal communities,Government Residential Area,Village communities before your arrival

    Travels costs, Accomodation cost, visa, permits and insurance are at the expense of the volunteers. we have a team that pick-up our volunteer at the airport and also drop off during departure.


    • Volunteer Placement.
    • Airport Pickup & Drop-Off.
    • Orientation in Cameroon.
    • Pre-trip Guidance & Support.
    • Introduction to Host Family.
    • Introduction to Government Officials.
    • "CADEF" Volunteers T-shirt.
    • Certificate of Participation.


    We also offer volunteer placements out of project needs but inline with our objectives

    Teaching Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Basic Computer, Sports,Songs, Games, Dance, and other fun learning tools
    Installating, building, renovating and renewing of damaged water points, replacement of rusted pipes to provide clean water to the commmunities.

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