Showing concern to the elder and the needy children is a blessing, because every one was a child and will live to be old and will need such concern in the feature.

Improve Your Office Day (4th October)" is a campaign where Office workers around the world are encouraged to make their work area and surrounding environment more pleasant and enjoyable, as well as cleaner and healthier.

CADEF, put in effect the bring together youths of local communities in south West Region of Cameroon, to support the local authorise for the great work they have been putting into ensuring that the community is in good shape and better security.

CADEF mobilizes the youths from various communities in Limbe City and hosted this campaign,The campaign was carried out at the central police station, where we donated a trash can to step up hygiene and sanitation arround the premises,the was an environmental cleanup of the police station, Sorting and Reorganizing of Office Files,Making the work environment more ergonomic,Cleaning the outside surroundings of the office building,Desk and drawer organization,Shelf and closet cleaning and organization, we saw the need to give back to the a very important unit of the state which is the police force as they do a lot to protect property and livs.