Showing concern to the elder and the needy children is a blessing, because every one was a child and will live to be old and will need such concern in the feature.

An entrepreneur is the person who perceives a business opportunity and converts it into a viable business plan culminating into a business venture ultimately. The entrepreneur is essential for the economic development of a country. The progress of a country will depend upon his skill and talent as well as hard work to deliver necessary goods and services required by the citizens of his or her country.

We connect young entrepreneurs in local communities in Cameroon, educate them on how to develop their local business to growing business that can benefit the communities, we educate them about the country’s tax laws, the advantages of having a business registered, procedure on getting a loan to upgrade their business.

We deploy entrepreneurship training programs in local communities where we train and give youths with innovative ideas, business concepts and small enterprises to connect with companies, corporations, foundations and academic institutions who are looking for businesses or ideas to invest in or fund as a start-up capital.

Our Programs provides mentorship, knowledge sharing, and collaboration platforms for both disadvantaged urban and rural youth entrepreneurs as well as inner city youths, thus enhance the entrepreneur ecosystem, empowering youth to grow sustainable, job-creating businesses.

We create an enabling environment where marginalized young women and men innovate to overcome poverty, fight hunger, and build healthy communities through provision of research, skill development, and financial services and venture creation.