Education and Protection Program/Cameroon Development and Education Foundation "CADEF" / Charity / Non-profit


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Education is a critical driver of the development process in any nation. In this era of global sustainable development where quality inclusive education has been recommended, and coupled with the quest for the attainment of Cameroon’s development agenda – Vision 2035, it becomes necessary and the onus lies with the government to strategically restructure the Cameroon educational system. Quality education that provide every citizen (no matter his/her physical, socio-economic and political status) with the much-needed skills for sustainable development.
To achieve this, every stakeholder of the educational system must be fully engaged in one way or the other and the government and international partners must work directly with institutions and grassroot organizations that are directly engaged in advocating, promoting and working towards the realization of this education agenda globally and contextually.
CADEF, in its education strategic plan is involved in community advocacy and sensitization programs on the need and importance of inclusive education, Promotion of education in emergencies through home schooling, Satellite Schools and Child Friendly Spaces.
By achieving sustainability, CADEF ensures that whatever is being done to any community, especially education wise has the capacity to benefit beyond the immediate beneficiaries. In order words, ensuring quality for present and future use is vital and a key indicator of sustainability and sustainable development.