Giving Hope to the Hopeless,Supporting the Needy is one of those Happy Moment that brings bright future .

There are still home today where a squre meal is a problem, children are out there in communities dying of hunger and poverty, their parents cant afford for them to have good food noh school materials.

There are people in communities living in poverty and cannot afford 2square meals for themselves and their families. This makes them weaker and less able to earn the money that would help them escape poverty and hunger.thousands of childrens go to bed everyday with hunger.

Some ophans, some from a family of single parent, some from home where their parents are handicaps, all out with no hopes of life, no love from friends and family,no education etc.

There are many elderly people our there in the communities who have no family, no children to care for them, they have no strenght to work or do for them self.some live in poverty and bad helath conditions.

SUPPORT 4 KID is a Community Outreach Program born out of love and compassion. We occasionally visit disadvantaged communities and towns to empower deprived children by providing full range of charitable, human service, educational, community development activities such as child disability care, sanitation, education, food donation and more..

We deligate teams who are to creat monthly ourtreach activities which is ment to help take care of the major needs for the needy making them feel welcome in the society. needy children are been provided with cloths, given oportunities for schoolarships to study in any of our skilled programs, Some parents are been trained through workshops on how to creat and sustsain activities for the better upkeep of their family. The elderly persons are been shown constant care and love, their environment is made clean and confortable to stay and are been provided with food.