Every child has the right to feel safe, both at home and at school.

Children’s vulnerabilities to violence stem from the fact that they depend on their parents or caregivers for their development, health and wellbeing. Sometimes children are viewed as the property of their parents or caregivers, rather than rights-holders, making them vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. Gender dynamics add another layer of vulnerability.

We work with children, their families, communities and local authorities to prevent and respond to violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation against children with urgent, life-saving actions. Our programs ensure the protection needs of children are met, with particular attention paid to the unique risks faced by adolescent girls.

Girls and young women often experience violence at home, from physical punishment to sexual, emotional or psychological violence. Acceptance of violence as a ‘private affair’ often prevents others from intervening and prohibits girls and young women from reporting.

School and the journey to it can also be a place where girls experience violence, from sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation. This violation of girls’ rights, especially when committed by those in positions of care or authority, can impact on girls’ ability to continue and complete their education.

CADEF is committed in protecting children from violence and working with the communities, schools and governments who can play an active role in protecting them from harm.

By providing training in child rights, positive discipline and parenting techniques to families and communities, we are helping to ensure children are safe from abuse.

In particular, we strive to tackle the causes of gender-based violence by working with girls, boys, partners and communities. Why? Because acts of violence undermine girls’ self-esteem, their opportunity to finish school, their freedom of movement, and ultimately, their ability to thrive.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a violation of human rights. We're working to transform attitudes towards girls and women that perpetuate violence against them.

Gender-based violence disproportionately affects girls and women, particularly through certain forms of violence such as child marriage, intimate partner violence, female genital mutilation, ‘honor’ killings or trafficking. For this reason, Plan International focuses on ending violence against girls and young women - to meet their increased needs and to advocate for their rights.