We give to the community the future .


Environmental Education

Promoting environmental conservation education in schools, and local communities in Cameroon by establishing environmental clubs liaison with school administration in primary and secondary schools in Cameroon, Fight against marine plastic littering and solid waste in our environment, advocate and encourages forest conservation measures like forest education ,Agro forestry in local communities in the south wests region of Cameroon to save and protect the forest for sustainable development.

Youth Education and Training

Providing basic education and Vocational training opportunities to youths, and adolescents of local communities to fight against poverty and unemployment. We provide educational material and monetary support to families and schools in the form of scholarships, books, computers and uniforms to encourage them to get proper education.

Healthcare Education and Prevention

Creating awareness and sensitization campaigns in rural communities on basic healthcare, family planning, sex education, HIV/AID prevention, Malaria, immunization, vaccination and sanitation.


Supporting orphans, people with disabilities and street children with food, shoes, clothing, education and shelter.

Social Justice

Initiating, organizing and implementing human rights programs and workshops that promote and protect the rights of those living in rural areas, heightening their sense of civic responsibility and enhancing community leadership, fight agaist GBV, Fighting for the right of children and women uncluding people with disability, train youth on peace-building, human rights promotion and protection, youth civic engagement and good governance.

Food Security and Modern Agriculture

Promoting food security and modern agriculture in rural areas through initiatives in gardening, animal husbandry and poultry breeding.

Volunteering Programs

We Organizing volunteer and work placement programs where local and international individuals and groups join hands and skills with the local population to foster developmental activities. We also have intense, immersive program for students, interns and young professionals looking to gain international development experience and training. The program commonly acts as a catalyst for building a career in development, strengthening applications for graduate programs, or cultivating relationships with international communities and organizations.