Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.

For years now unemployment and poorverty have been eating through the blood stream of our communities in Fako Divisison, The government, organizations and individuals have deployed countless remedy to put an end to this desease of poverty and uneplayment.Many youths, individuals-women, men, of low income family/families,in romote communities in Fako do not have the previladge of formal education because of poverty and the few that manage to be previladged come out unemployed. This has made many parants, see education as a wast of time, some say, they send their children to school and the children endup returning home with no job, just a piece of peper call certificate.no change to their present condition.

Cameroon Develoment And Education Foundation "CADEF" has come with a new generation solution,We develope education/training programs in communities in Fako and beyond through which Youths are empowered with specific skills in ICT after which they are given employment to immediately work and earn a salary with those skill through an employment scheme developed by "CADEF".The Employement scheme created is a scheme with assurance where job possibilities are established with our partner companies for youths, who have been empowered by "CADEF" with Vocational Skills to overcome unemployment and poverty in Communities in Fako-Division and beyond. See below more details of ICT FOR YOUTH PROJECT'


This is an ongoing program which is design to train the youths of fako division in the domain of ICT to become Secretaries, Administrative Assistant, or Microsoft Specialists, the program is to run for 6 to 9months after which each participant is graduated with a recognized certificate. The program is designed to train and secure employment, all trainees or participants of the programs are opportune to work upon graduation through an employment scheme created by the organization through our partner companies, for them to put in action and earn money with the skills acquired from the program "IFY" Our employment scheme creats employment desk in our partner companies(where we provide all the requuirements such as a desktop computer, printer and photocopier,for the dest and our partner company provides office space and salary) for our "IFY" graduates.