A dollar donated to better the life of the poor is good investment for the future.

Corporate Giving

We are open to partnerships with national and international companies that support our initiatives, events and projects.
Corporate donations can be directed to a single project/event that might be strategically in line with their corporate activity. Alternatively, donations can support an array of different initiatives that might highlight the corporation’s diverse geographic locations and interests.

Corporate sponsors benefit from:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategic partnership alligning interests of both parties
  • Brand and image association

CADEF Always Sends Detailed Project After Report To All Sponsors .

Companies can get involved through:

1) Event Sponsorship:

CADEF always organize several great events and campaigns every year that offer diverse and unique sponsorship opportunities where the benefits are both tangible and measurable. Companies  may chose to support any of our events and stipulate how they intend to support us. Our events/campaigns gain good exposure and are publicised through media relations and other marketing activities. This offers companies who are involved an avenue to attract many news customers and likewise gain exposure for their own products or services.

2) Coworkers Fundraising:

Fundraising organized to support projects or events that affect change and uplift the live of people is a very joyful, simple and a great motivation tool for employees. While coworker fundraising is enjoyable for staff, they also add to the company’s sense of corporate social responsibility, projecting a positive image to both customers and the local community.

Staff fundraising need not be complicated, it can be as simple as a Fun Run,Casual Day fundraiser, sponsored walk or a pub-crawl about (Click to Read More Fundraising Ideas). Workers can come up with their own ideas to make their fundraiser successful. We will give you all the support and encouragement you need in order to make your fundraising event a success.

3) Project Sponsorship:

Companies can choose to sponsor or fund one or more of our ongoing or more specific holiday program. This is an opportunity which increases the company’s visibility in the communities involved.




If you have any questions regarding donations:
Contact Us.

Whatever you give will save a soul.