Bakassi, Peninsula

Bakassi Peninsula is one of the hard-to-reach areas in South West Region of Cameroon, it is one of the 19th health districts of the South West Region having boundaries with Mundemba in the north, Ekondotiti to the east, Nigeria to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

It has an estimated population of about 36980 persons according to the Center of Health Information system 2022 (CIS 2022) and is made up of four Health Areas namely;

  • Idabato Health Area,
  • Isangele Health Area,
  • Kombo Abedimo Health Area
  • Kombo Itindi Health Areas.

There are seven functional health facilities and four nonfunctional Health Facilities and with a total of 16 personnel in the health, institutions starting from the district health service right down to the cleaners at the health centers. The other workers are contracted community health workers (CHW)

Bakassi has principally two seasons, the rainy and dry seasons with the rainy season lasting for 9 months from March to November. It is extensively covered by water more than 70% and the Mangrove Forest. The people here are mostly fishermen with a few farmers in Isangele and Kombo Abedimo but there are equally traders. People come from different tribes like the Mosgum, Ijo, Effic, Barondo, Isanguret, Ibiobio just to name a few. These persons are mostly Christians and Muslims with some with African worship religious orientations.